US experts: “Ditch F-15EX, get 6th gen fighter jets & F-22s”


A report written by US experts at the General Billy Mitchell Institute for Air Force Studies announced a crisis facing the ability of the US Air Force to protect the world’s skies, while the Russian and Chinese military tries to take its place.

The report state that the USAF should abandon some of its inventory in order to cut costs and become more effective.

For example, the US Air Force should abandon fourth-generation aircraft that came into existence in the 1980s, such as the F-15EX fighter, and focus on using modernized F-16s because they are cheaper than the F-15EX, more effective, and can be developed and improve performance. equipment and weapons.

Keeping F-16s in the fleet of the US Air Force as a budget solution to afford the money needed to design & produce the new sixth-generation combat aircraft in order to keep pace with adversaries and obtain the new technologies and weapons produced by scientific and technical progress of the United States Air Force.

The report advises US Air Force to restart the production of F-22’s fifth-generation fighter jets to dominate the world’s skies. The US Air Force suffered a great loss when it stopped buying more F-22 fighters, as the F-22 fighter is more powerful than other fighter jets in the world, and it is constantly being reinforced by acquiring new weapons, computers and new avionics.

Increasing the range and accuracy of the missiles that arm the F-22s, would enhance the ability of the F-22 to confront Russian and Chinese fifth-generation fighters, as stated in the report.

In sum, the report claims that US Air Force needs more fighter jets. The authors of the report stressed the need for the US Air Force to have more reserve fighter jets so that the “operational intensity and pace” would not be affected by the losses during a possible air battle against any adversary.


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