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Youth Union of Turkey attacked a US soldier in Constantinople


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After a ship of the United States Navy 6th Fleet docked at Seraglio Point, the Youth Union of Turkey put a sack over the head of a US soldier who had just disembarked from the ship.

Yankee Go Home and Ataturk youth in the line of duty. You are the murderers of millions of Muslims. You gave tons of weapons to the PKK-YPG terrorist. But you were defeated in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Turkey. You’re our enemy, and you’re not wanted here. We can’t let American soldiers roam our land freely. Yankee, go home.” Youth Union of Turkey members shouted while attacking provocatively one US soldier.

Explaining that they took this action to confront the US plans to throw Turkey into chaos, TGB extremist members said that with this move they reacted to the tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean and the declaration of 10 ambassadors by putting a sack over the head of the US Navy soldier.

“We put a sack over the heads of American soldiers in Seraglio Point!the TGB said in its Twitter post about the incident.

This nationalist group had done the same some years ago as, in 2014, Youth Union of Turkey members put sacks on the heads of US soldiers aboard the USS ROSS, which was returning from a NATO exercise in the Black Sea.


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