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VIDEO: Russian Western Military District shows its power


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“The troops of the Western Military District have begun planned joint combat readiness exercises,” the Russian Ministry of Defense announced and published video footage of the Russian army’s exercises.

As part of the training, the Russian army is exercised in the actions of the personnel during the activation of an alarm, the receipt of weapons and equipment, the preparation and exit from the camps, and the transition to the point of deployment.

“The main objective of the exercises is the comprehensive control of the fighting capabilities of the troops, the readiness of the formations and military units to complete their tasks in a short period of time and the assessment of the level of combat training and the cohesion of the units,” Russian Army General Alexandr Zhuravlev said.

The Russian ministry of defence says the combat readiness exercises are being conducted under the supervision of General Alexandr Zhuravlev and will last until January 29.

See video footage of the Russian exercises:


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