We are armed with the fastest “Hydrosonic” Missiles – Trump


US President announced to his supporters in the state of Georgia that the US armed forces are equipped with modern weapons. He specifically talked about the Hypersonic program of the US Army that was started in order to counter Russian & Chinese hypersonic programs.

“We now have the greatest, most modern military in the history of our country. We have brand new fighter jets, brand new bombers, brand new missiles, and rockets. We have hypersonic and hypersonic missiles, you know what hydrosonic is? Water. We have them all. We have missiles that go seven times faster than any missile in the world”, Trump said on Sunday.

Back in May, Trump said that the United States was developing a hypersonic missile — to which he sometimes mistakenly refers as “hydrosonic” — that was 17 times faster than any other US missile and the US president said that the country had already developed a hypersonic missile since October.

Also promoted by Trump as a “super-duper” missile, an unarmed prototype of a hypersonic glide vehicle was successfully tested in March at the Pacific Missile Range Facility in Hawaii, according to the Pentagon. The Defence Department aims at securing a deployable hypersonic missile by 2023.

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