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Haftar’s army ( LNA ) puts its forces in Sirte on Combat Alert


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The LNA has put its forces on the Sirte – Al Jufra axis at full readiness today.

This move came as Turkish ships reached again to Libya more specifically Northeast of Abu Qurayn . All redeployments and leaves from units of LNA on the frontline are canceled.

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Artillery units and about 150 technicals from LNA bases of Benghazi have already moved to their new positions close to Sirte & Jufra.

Furthermore, yesterday GNA condemned an assault by forces of the commander Halifa Haftar against a military position of GNA in Sabha, in the west of the country, with no evidence of casualties at the moment, which The Government of National Accord sees as a violation of the terms of the ceasefire in Libya.

Haftar's army ( LNA ) puts its forces in Sirte on Combat Alert

Libya has been in chaos since the fall of the Gaddafi regime in 2011 that turned the conflict into a civil war which features two sides the one based in Tripoli and the other on Tobruk fighting each other for the total domination of Libya.

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