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“We will repel the Russians, we are ready” – Ukrainian Foreign Minister

px Дмитро Кулеба
"We will repel the Russians, we are ready" – Ukrainian Foreign Minister - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

“Ukraine is ready to repel Russian aggression, politically and diplomatically as well as militarily,” said the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, according to RBC-Ukraine.

“Unlike in 2014, now in 2021, Ukraine and the world are ready and will not allow themselves to be caught off guard, regardless of what the Kremlin can come up with,” the Ukrainian Minister said.

Since the latest deployment of Russian troops to the Ukrainian border began, Kyiv has been consolidating international support to make sure no one believes the Kremlin’s propaganda that Ukraine is allegedly preparing an “offensive”.

Kuleba believes that the unity of the international coalition in supporting Ukraine is capable of “discouraging Russia from reckless actions”.

“The experience of 2014 taught us several simple truths. First, from Russia, you can expect anything. Second, when you foresee Russia’s actions, you have to be prepared in advance and not let yourself get caught off guard. We have learned well from this experience,” the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs said.


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