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“We will respond to any hostile move against Russia” Lavrov’s statement about the U.S.

"We will respond to any hostile move against Russia" Lavrov's statement about the U.S. - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

Russia will respond against possible new US sanctions against Russia and will respond to “any hostile moves” by Washington, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

“It’s hard to make a comment. We will give an answer to any hostile step, that goes without saying. I haven’t seen any clear decisions, nothing has been announced so far.

I have read reports that the (US) government has completed a review of Russia’s “hostile actions.” Well, they managed to do it pretty quickly.”

said the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs at a press conference, immediately after his meeting with his Counterpart from Kazakhstan.

Commenting on the new developments regarding the OPEN SKIES Treaty, he said:

“Regarding OpenSkies Treaty, I have not seen any notice, no one has written us anything, although we have officially warned them all through diplomatic notes that we are starting the process of withdrawing from the Open Skies Treaty, as we have no guarantees that Europeans will not disclose data they receive on flights over Russian territory,” Lavrov said.


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