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“WE WILL SEND SOLDIERS TO ISRAEL”: Erdogan wants Jerusalem


A Turkish lawmaker said a few hours ago that the Turkish state might send troops to east Jerusalem as a peacekeeping mission. Although this has not been discussed at the moment in the Turkish Parliament, such a move would not surprise anyone, as Turkey is used to getting involved in third-party conflicts supposedly as a peacekeeping force, with a recent example of the Armenia-Azerbaijan war.

Turkey has taken a clear stand in favour of Palestine and against Israel, with the Turkish government making daily statements in recent days commenting on the situation in Gaza and condemning the actions of the Israelis.

It is recalled that the Turkish President in today’s statements mentioned among other things:

“Those who embrace the bloodshed caused by Israel remaining silent or openly supporting them should know that one day it will be their turn […] Turkey stands ready to actively support any UN initiative and take responsibility for peace […] Turkey will not remain silent on Israeli attacks in Palestine, even if the whole world ignores it.”

Turkish people also called for the intervention of Turkish troops a few days ago, demonstrating in support of Palestine outside the Israeli embassy in Ankara and the consul at Constantinople.

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