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“We will definitely win the war”: Ukrainian ambassador to the USA


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Ukraine’s ambassador to the United States told ABC News on Sunday that “the Ukrainians will not surrender” and that Russia’s war in Ukraine will end only when the Russian army withdraws completely from the country.

"We will definitely win the war": Ukrainian ambassador to the USA

“There is no doubt for us that we will win. “You know, we have to win and we will win,” said Ukrainian Ambassador to Washington Oksana Markarova. “The question is how many great Ukrainians will we lose to win this war?”

The ambassador said that the people are united around Ukraine and thanked the USA for leading this support as well as efforts to end the conflict.

“We are trying and doing everything possible on the battlefield, but also on the diplomatic front, to stop this war as soon as possible,” Markarova said.

“But no matter when they make a decision, the Ukrainians will not surrender. The Ukrainians will not give up. We are tired after this horrible disaster. We mourn the people we lost. “But we will not stop and defend our country until victory,” said the Ukrainian diplomat.

Asked if a diplomatic solution would require Russia to withdraw completely from Ukraine, Markarova said: “I do not think there could be another solution.”

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