United Kingdom: “The Kremlin uses an Internet troll factory”


United Kingdom: "The Kremlin uses an Internet troll factory"
Photo by Frank Baulo, CC BY-SA 3.0

In an announcement, the Government of the United Kingdom states that “Politicians of many nations, including the United Kingdom, South Africa and India, and their supporters are being targeted by those cyber “troops”.

As a result of this survey, we learned how the Kremlin’s massive misinformation campaign is being used to manipulate international public opinion about Russia’s illegal war in Ukraine, in the hope of increasing support for their heinous expedition and recruiting new supporters of Putin.

The sick minds of the operation are said to be working secretly from an abandoned factory in St. Petersburg, using hired staff and forming internal working groups to carry out their duties,” the UK government said in a statement.

The Minister of Culture of the United Kingdom Nadine Dorries said about the Russian internet troll factory:

“These are insidious attempts by Putin and his propaganda machine to deceive the world about the barbarity he is committing against the people of Ukraine.

These elements will help us to identify and stop Russian misinformation more effectively, and we will take decisive action to prevent anyone from associating with Kremlin-controlled news agencies such as RT and Sputnik.”

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