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Zelensky on the Russian sights again


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Russia appears to have retargeted Zelensky despite its earlier claims and stated that Moscow’s ultimate goal is to topple the Ukrainian government.

Lavrov said Moscow was committed to helping the people of Ukraine “liberate themselves from the burden of this completely intolerable regime” as he addressed delegates at the Arab League summit in Cairo late Sunday night.

Lavrov accused Ukraine and its “Western partners” of spreading disinformation aimed at ensuring that Ukraine would “become Russia’s eternal enemy“.

“The Russian and Ukrainian people will continue to live together” he said, adding, “We would undoubtedly help the Ukrainian people to get rid of this regime, which is completely anti-people and unhistorical.”

Lavrov’s statements, as reported by the AP, came in stark contrast to the position taken by the Kremlin at the beginning of the conflict, where Russian officials assured that they did not intend to overthrow the Ukrainian government.

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