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Zircon: Admiral Gorshkov carried out Hypersonic missile test


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Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the Russian Navy carried out a Zircon Hypersonic missile test from the Russian Frigate Admiral Gorshkov.

Zircon: Admiral Gorshkov carried out Hypersonic missile test

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the Hypersonic missile was fired from a frigate of the Northern Fleet in the White Sea and destroyed a practice target at Barents Sea roughly 540 nautical miles away.

Zircon hypersonic missiles can travel at speeds between five and 10 times the speed of sound, and they have a maximum range of roughly 1,000 kilometers.

This most recent test comes at a time when Russia is trying to find ways to send a clear message to NATO regarding the West’s supply of arms and ammunition to the Ukrainian army. These supplies have made more difficult the Russian military operations against Ukraine.

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