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Air Defense Exercise between French and Greek frigate


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At a time when tensions between Greece and Turkey are soaring, on Thursday, April 28, Greece and France held a joint exercise to boost their operational readiness.

According to the announcement by HNDGS (Hellenic National Defence General Staff), on Thursday, a joint PASSEX (Passing Exercise) training of the Greek Frigate Adrias with the French Frigate AUVERGNE was held, in the sea area west and southwest of the island of Crete.

Air Defense Exercise between French and Greek frigate
Photo by geetha.mil.gr

During the joint training, objects of surface warfare, communications, advanced maneuvers, and anti-aircraft warfare (Air Defense Exercise – ADEX) were performed with the participation of 2 Greek F-16s and 2 Greek F-4s.

Air Defense Exercise between French and Greek frigate
Photo by geetha.mil.gr

This joint training contributed to the promotion of the level of operational readiness, combat capability, interoperability, and cooperation of the participants in bilateral and allied contexts and is part of steps that focus on the upgrading of the Greek-French Military Cooperation between the Chief of the Greek General Staff, General Constantine Floros, and the Chief of Defense of France, General Thierry Burkhard.

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