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AMERICAN SUPPORT: Biden Stands by Israel and targets Hamas

AMERICAN SUPPORT: Biden Stands By Israel And Targets Hamas - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

The Treasury Secretary of the United States Janet Yellen announced on Thursday that the Biden administration would be prioritizing the Hamas group as a target for future sanctions, a decision that comes as a push by the administration to combat terrorism financing and money laundering abroad.

Hamas has been designated as a target of the US government for counterterrorism sanction programs and we prioritize targeting Hamas and their supporters,” Yellen told congressional lawmakers. “We have targeted a large number of Hamas-affiliated individuals and entities around the globe and that includes a host of charities around the world that have served as critical fundraising mechanisms.

We also work closely with jurisdictions that are vulnerable to Hamas. We work with them to improve their anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism frameworks,” Yellen added.

We remind that a few weeks earlier the Democrats had blocked an effort by the Republicans’ party regarding possible sanctions against the Hamas group during the war between the group and the Israeli forces.


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