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An-12BK crashed in Greece: What happened and it crashed in Kavala?


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New information from the Serbian Ministry of Defence, change of final destination of the plane.

Transport Antonov An-12BK that took off from Nis, Serbia and was heading to Dhaka, Bangladesh, suffered engine failure and unfortunately crashed west of Kavala, Greece.

Its crew reportedly consisted of 8 people and although there is still no official information, according to FlightRadar24 it seems that the aircraft issued emergency near Mount Athos.

The An-12BK is owned by Meridian Ltd. of Ukraine also known as MEM and was transporting hazardous material.

Local sources say it was probably carrying ammunition and military equipment expected to be delivered to a foreign country.

These local sources seem to be confirmed by the Serbian Ministry of Defence, which states that the aircraft was loaded with mortar training missiles purchased by Bangladesh with intermediate stops in Amman, Jordan, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The transport plane had an engine failure and the crew had requested to make an emergency landing but the engine fire did not allow it to approach an airport near Kavala.

Investigations are currently being carried out according to ERT, the residents of the surrounding areas are asked to close doors, windows and air conditioners until the level of danger and toxicity of the material it transported is investigated.

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