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ANASTASIADIS TO THE UN: “You are not objective”


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The President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiadis, among others, spoke about the opening of Famagusta and the “treatment” of the Cypriot problem by the UN, in an interview with the newspaper “Phileleftheros tis Kyprou”.

The Cypriot President stressed once again that he will not accept the prerequisites of Turkey and the pseudo-state to enter into talks and warned that any sign of acceptance of the demands of the Turkish government and its representative in the occupied territories “will be a diversion from its resolutions.” United Nations Security Council and the terms of reference of the UN Secretary-General “.

Regarding Famagusta and the UN response to the situation, Nikos Anastasiadis stated:

“From the first moment, we reacted and rang the alarm bell. We pointed out everywhere and from the first steps that their actions and decisions were preparing a new policy regarding the territorial adjustments but also the form of a solution of the Cyprus problem.

We did not limit ourselves to complaints. They are a series of actions that have taken place since then, but unfortunately in the ears of the deaf, of the Secretary-General not excluded or of his representatives here who informed him in a way that was not objective “.

In addition, the President of Cyprus pointed out the lack of objectivity from the report of the UN Secretary-General, which states that there is a positive attitude from the guarantor powers, which for the Turkish side is clearly not true.

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