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ANKARA AGAINST THE US: “They turn a blind eye to Israel’s massacres”


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The Turkish presidency’s communications director on Wednesday morning criticized the US for describing the Israeli attacks on the Palestinians as self-defence.

“Massacring civilians. Forcing Palestinians to leave their homes and occupying their lands. Attacking mosques. Murdering innocent children. Since when are all those atrocities considered as self-defence? Does the US have not any reaction to these massacres and terrorist acts?” wrote Fahrettin Altun on Twitter.

We recall that the Turkish Government openly supports Palestine and has condemned Israel’s actions.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Tuesday that Turkey condemns Israeli attacks οn Gaza and supports the Palestinians.

“We always condemn (attacks) like this, but the Islamic community expects us to take a step,” said Cavusoglu, referring to the international Muslim community and Gaza.

“Such attacks must stop now. Of course, we must protect the rights of Palestinians under international law. The vision of the two states must never be removed. Turkey will continue its efforts to protect the rights of Palestinians and other oppressed people.” he said.

It is noted that following the Pro-Palestine protests by Turkish citizens, a projector was placed on Tuesday evening opposite the Israeli consulate in Constantinople, which projected the Turkish and Palestinian flags combined on the building.

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