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BREAKING: HORRIFYING ATTACK – Gaza targeted Israel with more than 350 rockets

BREAKING: HORRIFYING ATTACK - Gaza targeted Israel with more than 350 rockets - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

“Terrorists in Gaza launch rockets nonstop as civilians in central and southern Israel spend the night in shelters to protect themselves from rockets.”

The IDF said Israel was again under attack from Gaza with more than 350 rockets in 20 minutes. It’s the biggest attack that’s ever happened in general, but also much bigger than the previous 135 missiles against Tel Aviv.

We recall that on Tuesday night more than 130 rockets were fired from Gaza against Israel in response to an Israeli airstrike on a Hamas building in Gaza.

Within the last hour, Israel destroyed another Hamas building in Gaza in response to Gaza’s previous missile attacks, resulting in at least 350 rockets being launched and still counting as Gaza has not stopped firing.

Hamas announced they were targeting Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion airport with a newly developed missile called “SH85” named after Mohammed Abu Samalla, a former al-Qassam commander killed in the 2014 Gaza war by the IDF.

Also, a pipeline belonging to an Israeli state-owned energy company was hit in a rocket attack from Gaza. Video broadcast by Channel 12 showed flames rising from what appeared to be a large fuel vat near the Israeli Mediterranean city of Ashkelon, south of Tel Aviv.


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