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HAFTAR MEETS WITH LIBYA’S NEW PRESIDENT: “We will help in the peaceful transfer of power”

On Friday, the head of Libya’s Presidential Council, Mohamed Al-Menfi, pledged to work to unify the army, as well as to facilitate reconciliation efforts between the Libyan factions.

During a visit to Tobruk, Al-Menfi said the main goals of the newly appointed Presidential Council are to unify the Libyan army and to continue discussions with the Joint Military Commission 5 + 5 (JMC) and further the efforts of the UN mission.

Menfi noted that the new Presidential Council will unite all Libyan state institutions, which will positively reflect the living standards of the Libyan people.

Before visiting Tobruk, the Head of the Presidential Council visited Benghazi, where he met with LNA General Khalifa Haftar.

Haftar voiced support for the new Presidential Council and the outcome of the vote at the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum in Geneva. The General confirmed that his forces will work to maintain democracy and the peaceful transfer of power.

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