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Biden pledge to “protect” Ukraine against Russian aggression

Biden pledge to "protect" Ukraine against Russian aggression - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

US President Joe Biden made the first official phone call with Ukrainian President Volontimir Zelenski on Friday to express his strong support for Ukraine’s stance on the build-up of Russian troops near its border.

The conversation came after Western states and NATO expressed concerns about the movement of Russian troops near the eastern region of Donbass.

“President Biden reaffirmed the United States’ unwavering support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in view of Russia’s continued aggression in Donbass and Crimea,” a US statement said.

Ukraine said the two presidents’ conversation lasted 50 minutes.

“We discussed in detail the situation in Donbass. President Biden assured me that Ukraine will never be left alone in the face of Russia’s aggression,” Ukraine’s president later said in a televised statement.

Russia warned this week that an escalation in Donbass could “destroy” Ukraine and warned of any NATO deployment.


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