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“BROKEN HEADS & TERRIBLE BLOODSHED” – China threatens neighboring states


The Chinese communist regime is aggressively trying to expand its influence abroad while multiplying its threats to countries trying to resist its pressure.

“The Chinese people will not allow any foreign power to intimidate, oppress or enslave them, and anyone who tries to do so will end up with a broken head and terrible bloodshed in front of the Iron Wall of China of the 1.4 billion Chinese people,” President Xi Jinping said a few days ago as China celebrates the 100th anniversary of the party’s founding.

On the occasion of this anniversary, China also seriously escalated against the Democratic Taiwan, threatening with a total war to reclaim the island.

China’s policy against its neighbors over the years is becoming increasingly aggressive, with China literally building islands to expand its EEZ against the neighboring countries and is also using its fleet to harass other states by blackmailing them into reducing their sovereignty.

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