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Bucha massacre: China and India both condemned the killings


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China and India condemned the Bucha massacre and called for an independent investigation.

Although they condemned the massacre, in their statements, there is not a single mention of Russia, trying to avoid straining their relations with their common ally.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian told reporters at a conference on Wednesday that “the truth and the reason for the incident must be verified.”

China and India condemned the Bucha massacre

“China attaches great importance to the humanitarian situation in Ukraine and is highly concerned with the harm to civilians. We have put forward a six-point initiative on alleviating the humanitarian situation and taking concrete steps to provide emergency humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. The reports and images of civilian deaths in Bucha are deeply disturbing.

The relevant circumstances and specific causes of the incident must be verified and ascertained. Humanitarian issues shouldn’t be politicized. Any accusations should be based on facts. Before the full picture is clear, all sides should exercise restraint and avoid unfounded accusations.

China supports all initiatives and measures conducive to alleviating the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and stands ready to continue working with the international community to prevent harm to civilians” Zhao Lijian said in his remarks.

The Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations said at a meeting of the UN Security Council on Tuesday that “recent allegations of civilian deaths in Bucha are profoundly worrisome.”

In addition, the Permanent Representative of India to the UN stated that “we absolutely condemn these atrocities and support the request for an independent investigation of the incident.”

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