A ceasefire was achieved between Armenia & Azerbaijan after Russian mediation


According to the Armenian Defense Ministry, an agreement for a ceasefire was reached between Armenia and Azerbaijan after the mediation of Russia and since the afternoon the hostilities on the eastern border of Armenia have stopped and the situation is relatively stable.

The Armenian ministry also says that today’s fighting started at around 13:00 (local time) when Azeri troops attacked Armenian positions on the eastern border of the country. The Azeris reportedly used artillery, armored vehicles, and artillery.

As a result of the Armenian counterattack, the Azeri army has suffered many losses in personnel and equipment, the ministry said, noting that there are also losses on the Armenian side.

For the time being, the Armenian authorities are talking about a confirmed dead soldier, the number of wounded has not been determined yet, while 12 Armenians have been taken, prisoners.

GEOPOLITIKI.COM with information from Mil.arm

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