Cypriot snipers participate in the Greek Sniper Competition


According to an announcement from the Cypriot National Guard, “from 09 to 11 November 2021, Cypriot snipers of the Commando Command participated for the first time in the Sniper Competition of Special Operations Units, which was held in Greece by the Hellenic National Defence General Staff.

The participation of snipers in the competition, in addition to the additional experience it provides, contributes significantly to the increase of the operational capabilities of the sniper teams and reflects the excellent cooperation between the Armed Forces of Greece and Cyprus.” the announcement concludes.

Cypriot snipers participate in the Greek Sniper Competition
Photo by ΓΕΕΦ

The Cypriot National Guard has increased its training exercises not only with Greece but also with Israel and Egypt as it prepares its forces for any possible confrontation with the Turkish occupation forces on the island.

We remind you that Cyprus has been partitioned after the Turkish Invasion of 1974 against the island nation, which led to thousands of Cypriots getting killed and 36% of the islands are still under illegal Turkish occupation.


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