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Chernobyl radiation rises – Russian soldiers hospitalized

Chernobyl radiation rises - Russian soldiers hospitalized

Russian troops entered the Chernobyl-contaminated radiation area with armored vehicles and didn’t go that well.

The convoy of vehicles raised clouds of radioactive dust that harmed the health of Russian soldiers, according to workers at the nuclear plant cited by Reuters.

Workers said Russian soldiers drove armored vehicles through the Red Forest, a forest in the area which is actually Chernobyl’s most contaminated area.

Workers, as well as the International Atomic Energy Agency, said that shortly after the incident, which occurred in the first days of the Russian attack on Ukraine, sensors in the area showed that radioactive dust had risen, increasing the level of radiation around the site.

Chernobyl radiation rises - Russian soldiers hospitalized
Chernobyl exclusion zone with ruins of abandoned pripyat city zone of radioactivity ghost town. | PHOTO: ENVATO

One of the workers who spoke to Russian soldiers said they had no idea where the facilities were located.

According to reports, many Russian soldiers who were operating in the area have recently been transferred to a specialized hospital in Belarus for treatment.

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