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Chief of the HNDGS message to Hellenic Armed Forces for Greek Independence day


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The Chief of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff Konstantinos Floros sent his own message to all Greeks for the celebrations of the Greek Independence day (March 25).

The Chief of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (HNDGS) clarified that freedom did not come by itself and that all Greeks must have their country to their hearts.

More Specifically, he stated in his message:

Chief of the HNDGS message to Hellenic Armed Forces for Greek Independence day
PHOTO Copyright © General Staff of National Defense

Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, NCOs, Soldiers, Sailors, Sminites, National Guards and Civilian Staff of the Armed Forces,

So March 25th! 201 years since that magical day of 1821 when the heart of the Greek Nation beats loudly! It rang like a bell calling the living and the dead to find the path of Memory and Debt, to find and seize the end of the thread that seemed lost in the depths of time, but lived in the minds and hearts of the enslaved Greeks, like a fairy tale, like a legend, like a national check that waited for centuries to be paid !!! And the Nation woke up !!! The Nation woke up, regrouped, measured its strength and entered the Struggle. The nation entered the Race of National Polygenesis. Because such was the Struggle. Renaissance Struggle! Struggle for Existence !! Fight of Honor, Dignity and Faith!

“Fight for Faith and Homeland” shouted Alexandros Ypsilantis, this great Greek in his revolutionary proclamation, “For Faith and Homeland we caught the chariots”, tells us the Elder of Moria, the General of the Nation Theodoros Kolokotronis. Double celebration on March 25, double celebration and double joy !!!

And this holiday is really the diamond in the crown of all the anniversaries that we Greeks celebrate! The holiday of the holidays! Without the 25th of March 1821, there would be no Greece !! Honour and glory to those who did it! To all those who, with their lives, their struggle, their blood, their property, their entire life, started the path of modern Greece and put it back on the Charter of the world international system.

And all our other wonderful compatriots came in these 200 years that have passed and they made this pale path a road, a wide road, a whole boulevard and we came here where we came today.

With victorious struggles, with strength, with vigor, with vision, with Greek Light in our every step and in successes and failures, because there were such, but the beginning was so impetuous, so great the first step, so much energy that brought Greece back to the Light in 1821 and then everything took its course.

You come from them…. From such men and women as Kolokotronis, Androutsos, Karaiskakis, Nikitaras, Diakos, Manto Mavrogenous, the Botsaraios and the Kapsalides, Bouboulina, Kanaris, Miaoulis, Papanikolis, Sachtouris, Pipinos, the Souliotisses and so many other prominent and some not widely known Greeks.

Everyone is there looking at us from the Monument to the Unknown Soldier. Everyone is there and happy to see worthy descendants on your faces. We all come from them, from the same places and the same stones that were born. From the same islands and the same mountain peaks that they also saw the Greek Light. You are from the same womb. This womb makes fighters and warriors of the Nation and Greece.

The steel of their souls and the fire of their minds when they began the Struggle, may it accompany you and lead you on your Mission. And it does, I know! I see it in all your activities, I listen to it during my visits when I see you.

I catch it in the air to exist everywhere in Greece where you are with the sole purpose and lighthouse of your Mission! The preservation of our National Independence and our Territorial Integrity. The guarantee of our Freedom !! That’s why so many were lost! This is our heritage and we exist for it! These were given to us by all these great Greeks of 1821 and we have no right to do otherwise!

Men and women of the Armed Forces,

The plates of History move, you see it, you know it, you perceive it. There were nations that in the course of history were lost, erased, disappeared or assimilated in the past centuries. But we Greeks, the Greek Nation managed to live, managed to become stronger and we are here today. In a difficult time and in a difficult neighborhood! Let these hereos of 1821 be our Guide and Lighthouse. Our inspiration and our compass. For the Freedom and Independence of the Homeland.

How important, how valuable and finally how irreplaceable these two goods, Freedom and National Independence, are has been demonstrated by the unpleasant geopolitical developments in Eastern Europe. That is why the message sent to us today by the Heroic Generation of Kolokotronis and Karaiskakis, the Legendary Generation of Kanaris and Miaoulis is more relevant than ever.

The Heroes of 1821, from whom we come, call on us to defend this wonderful Homeland at all costs and the reason is so simple and majestic: “There is nothing more beloved than Homeland”!

That’s the purpose of our preparation and our painstaking training, that’s the purpose of our Existence! I know very well that every day begins and ends with this and I congratulate you on that.

The State supports us in practice and the Greek society trusts us, understanding that the expenses for the coverage of our armament needs constitute an effective investment in the National Defense of the Country. This is how our deterrent capacity is built and strengthened. This ensures the future, through the strengthening of the present.

The Greek citizens love us and trust us, they trust each and every one of you, recognizing in your faces the absolutely determined and devoted Guardians of the Homeland!

Those who do not feel “the heavy bronze hand of fear”, to remember the verses of Kalvos, that is, those who are not afraid of anyone or anything, because it is simply indelibly written in their souls that “Freedom Wants Virtue and Bravery”!

I am proud of you and of the work of enormous national importance that you carry out every day. Thanks to you, stability, peace and the feeling of security are established in our region, while with the excellent ability that you demonstrate in the international military obligations in which you participate, you promote Greece internationally, placing it in the high position it deserves!

Continue like this, just as hard, with the same huge Ethics. Close Greece in your heart and soul and then everything is simple !!! This is what the Heroes we celebrate today did. Wonderful, priceless, ruthless and heroic! You stand in the same places! Proud, determined and always ready !!

You come from the depths of History and everyone knows that !!! The path that we must walk and do it with joy, is one and only. It is dictated by the love for Greece, Freedom and Independence. And let everyone remember that, but us first!

The Virgin Mary with you! Happy Birthday to all of you !!! Happy Birthday to our Greece !!! Long live the Glorious 1821!» ends the message of the Chief of Hellenic National Defence General Staff for March 25 (Greek Independence day).

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