Turkish UAV and CN-235 violated Greek Airspace 28 times!


Ankara’s new practice of sending UAVs to violate Greek Airspace instead of fighter jets is becoming more and more fashionable in the Aegean sea, as it seems to have become accustomed to air chases and interceptions by Greek fighter jets.

Turkish UAV and CN-235 violated Greek Airspace 28 times!
PHOTO By By CeeGee – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 Wikimedia

Yesterday, March 24, 2022, Turkey chose as it does almost every day to violate again Greek National Airspace over the Aegean sea using a UAV and not only. With the use of UAVs, in fact, the fear of the Turkish pilots who hear “LOCK” from the Greek fighter jets whistling in their ears probably goes away.

More Specifically, the Hellenic National Defence General Staff announced that one Turkish CN-235 and a Turkish UAV committed a total of 28 violations of the National Airspace and 4 violations of air traffic rules in the Northeast, Central and Southeastern Aegean.

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