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Chinese provocations in Taiwan: Dozens of aircraft violated the ADIZ


Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense announced this morning that 27 Chinese military aircraft had flown into the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone in the country’s southwestern region.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense on November 28, 2021, announced that “27 aircraft of the Chinese Air Force entered the country’s southwestern Air Defense Identification Zone.”

The move is consistent with China’s recent warning to the United States that defending Taiwan will result in their annihilation‚Ķ

Following a recent visit to Taiwan by members of Congress from the United States, Beijing has reacted sharply, with China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian admonishing the United States not to “play games” with Taiwan.

The harsh warning said that the United States should not breach China’s one-China policy by attempting to subordinate Taiwan to Beijing’s control.

Taiwan is China’s most sensitive territorial and diplomatic problem, as well as a source of tactical conflict in the country’s ties with the United States of America, according to the United Nations.

China has never renounced its right to use force to wrest control of the island of Taiwan from its adversaries.

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