“Israeli armed forces want to destroy the Iranian army”


According to Amir Baram, commander of the Israeli army’s North Wing, Israel is prepared to face any threat, and Amikam Norkin, commander of the Israeli Air Force, said his forces are prepared to face the threat of Iranian missiles being fired in retaliation in Israeli cities.

Tel Aviv is preparing for a possible attack on Iran’s nuclear program, according to Tal Lev-Ram, the military editor of the Israeli newspaper Maariv. He also stated that the Israeli army is progressing at a rapid speed in order to increase its ability to strike at Iranian military infrastructure.

In accordance with Israeli information published by Maariv, the political leadership of Israel has realized the Israeli army will be unhappy with strikes that only prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons; rather, the Israeli army will be pleased if the primary goal of these strikes is to render the entire Iranian army inactive, as has become clear.

Mr. Cohen, the former director-general of Israel’s domestic security service, told Ynet News that Israel should try to reach a decent settlement with Iran, failing which it could consider huge Israeli airstrikes against the Iranian nuclear facility.

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