CYPRUS: Amazing Military parade in Nicosia

PHOTO SOURCES: Stavros Ioannidis / PIO

According to, the Cypriot President, Nikos Anastasiadis, during the parade for the Independence of the Republic of Cyprus stated the following:

“Honor and glory to those who gave their lives for the liberation of our country. Honor and glory to those who defended the sovereignty and integrity of the Republic of Cyprus when it was tested.

Honor and glory to those who defended territorial integrity during the Turkish invasion in 1974.

It is well known that for 61 years we have passed trials, we started from a poor colony, to be today a modern European state with structures, institutions, international relations, with a very strong basis of international law to defend and defend sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Cyprus.

I would be happier if the Turkish Cypriots were celebrating with us today.
I am sorry because the methods or interventions of those who undertook to defend the Republic of Cyprus led to the tragic phenomena that are being recorded today.
I hope that they realize the shortest, most difficult path they have chosen to follow, not their own will, but the will of those who want to turn the Republic of Cyprus into a Turkish protectorate.

I would like to warmly congratulate the National Guard, in general, for the efforts made to strengthen our deterrent force and it is with pride and pride that today we all watched the continuous modernization of the National Guard whose role, I repeat, is nothing but a deterrent to any enemy, wherever he comes from.

“Happy birthday and I hope soon to be able to celebrate free from the occupation and intrigue recorded by Turkey,” Nikos Anastasiadis stated during the parade.


In addition to the force of ELDYK that paraded honoring its ancestors who fell fighting in Cyprus during the invasion, the Greek Chief of General Staff and Minister of National Defense Nikos Panagiotopoulos were in Cyprus.

The Minister of National Defense of Greece Mr. Nikos Panagiotopoulos represented today the Greek Government in the military parade for the anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Cyprus, which was welcomed by the President of the Republic.


T-80U and AMX 30B2 tanks paraded in Cyprus accompanied by BMP3s and VABs. The Cypriot artillery had its honor as ZUZANA 155mm cannons and the recently acquired NORA B52 paraded.

The Cypriot Navy’s anti-ship force also paraded in the Cyprus parade, with the Exocets passing through the streets of Nicosia, under the eye of the National Guard airforce with GAZELLE & Mi35 attack helicopters.

The parade also had a variety of other weapon systems that paraded along with the infantry and motorized units, sending a message to those across the road that next time things will not be so simple for them!


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