“Greece is wasting money” – Turkish Rear-Admiral on the Belharra frigates


His “sincere” interest in the finances of the Greek people expressed via Twitter the “father” of the “Blue Homeland” doctrine, Cem Gurdeniz.

The Turkish Rear Admiral, commenting on the Greek-French defense agreement and the Belaharra frigates purchase by Greece, wrote that he feels sorry for the Greek people, as the money of the taxpayers is thrown away, adding that the country is building a naval force with loans.

“I feel sorry for the Greek people. Taxes are wasted. They delight French Arms dealers and brokers. They are establishing sea power with loaned money. They fall into the Thucydides trap in an exemplary way.” said Gurdeniz.

Gürdeniz was the originator of the “Blue Homeland” doctrine in Turkey through his homonymous book “Mavi Vatan” in which he analyzes Turkey’s claims to the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean.

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