EU mediation between Serbia & Kosovo saved Balkans from new war


In recent weeks, tensions have intensified along the Kosovo-Serbia border as Serbs set fire to a government office and thrown Molotov cocktails & grenades at another one in protest of a ban on cars with Serbian license plates in Kosovo.

Belgrade had stated from the start of the conflict that it would directly support Kosovo Serbs even with its military forces if necessary.

Although Serbia’s statement did not receive the attention it deserved from NATO at first, as soon as the first Serbian motorized units approached the border, NATO was put on red alert leading to the strengthening of patrols on the Kosovo-Serbia border.

With the threats of invasion from Serbia, Kosovo was finally forced to back down through EU mediation that reached an interim agreement with the Serbs.

Under the agreement, NATO troops will replace Kosovo police units at the border, and from Monday, Serbia and Kosovo will affix special stickers to car license plates to remove national symbols and allow citizens to move freely.


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