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CYPRUS: Nautical Geo completes research activity on plot 1


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According to the website CyprusDefense.gr, which cites NAVTEX of the Search and Rescue Coordination Center, Nautical Geo was conducting research activity for the EAST MED pipeline on plot 1 of the Cyprus EEZ.

Specifically, the Navtex was issued on October 19 and is valid from October 21 until October 23, while the vessels are required to keep a distance of one and a half nautical miles from the research vessel.

According to the website, Turkey has repeatedly expressed its concern about the research activities taking place in the Cyprus EEZ, calling them provocative, while at the same time, Turkey is carrying out illegal actions in the Cyprus EEZ to prevent the exploration and drilling of Cypriot natural resources.

As far as is known, Turkey’s recent efforts and threats have not stood in the way of Nautical Geo research in the Cyprus EEZ as the research vessel does not accept any harassment and conducts its research without any problems. Nautical Geo will apparently renew NAVTEX as it is still in the same area.

GEOPOLITIKI.COM – With information from cyprusdefense.gr

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