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ERDOGAN TO BIDEN: “I’m not backing down – You’re supporting Kurds”


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President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he told President Joe Biden that “as Turkey, don’t expect us to take any different step for both the F-35s and the S-400s.” “Because we did our duty in the F-35s,” Erdogan said to show that he was strict on this issue with the US.

Erdogan stated:

Following the US decision to withdraw from Afghanistan, Turkey can take much more responsibility there. Armenia must start taking confidence-building measures. The exchange of maps of the minefields it has with Azerbaijan will be an important first step in this direction.

I do not think there is any intention to delay the Zengezur corridor (it will pass from Azerbaijan to Turkey via Armenia) with the Russian side. On the contrary, we are both in a good mood. Soon we will also have a bilateral meeting with Putin,” he said, adding that he had sent a message to Biden about US support for the Kurds.”

Also, he said that he stressed to Biden that “It is a historic mistake to choose terrorist organizations that our ally is fighting, rather than standing by an ally that is the target of terrorism.”

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