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French RAFALE fighter jets in Greece – SkyRos 2021


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4 RAFALE aircraft of the French Air Force arrived in Greece yesterday as part of the SkyRos 2021 drills. The aircraft returned from India and will remain in Greece until February 4.

Yesterday, joint drills with Mirage 2000-5 and F16s of the Greek Air Force were held.

The French aircraft team landed along with 2 A400Ms and 1 A330 carrying the maintenance and armament personnel of the French Rafale jet fighters.

The Rafale is a French 4th generation aircraft and is the new acquisition of the Greek Air Force which will acquire 18 aircraft of this type in the coming years.

The Greek fighter jets will also be armed with the METEOR air-to-air missile, which will be able to shoot down enemy planes from a huge range.

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