German company behind the Turkish Bayraktar UAVs


According to a German TV channel behind the construction of the Turkish UAVs Bayraktar TB2 is a subsidiary of the German company Hensoldt.

Turkish offensive drones use special target reconnaissance systems, and one of these systems is manufactured by the South African subsidiary of the German arms company Hensoldt.

German lawyer Andreas Schuler, criticising the German company’s involvement in the construction of Bayraktar, speaking to the broadcaster, said that Germany’s financial benefit from the wars in which Turkey is involved “is in stark contrast to German foreign policy”.

“We urgently need to stop using German technology in drones used in missions that violate international law,” Schuler said.

Hensoldt’s partnership with Turkish Baykar began in 2020 when the Canadian government stopped handing over reconnaissance systems to Turkey after using Bayraktar in the Artsakh conflict.

Schuler called on the new federal government, which has promised to restrict arms exports, to ban such partnerships.

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