Germany reports a possible Iron Dome or Arrow-3 purchase from Israel


Germany consider buying an air defense system from Israel to protect itself from Russian aggression, Chancellor Olaf Solz said on Sunday.

Asked if Germany was considering buying Israeli Iron Dome systems, Solz said: “This is definitely one of the subjects we are discussing.”

Asked if Germany intends to buy a system with a longer range than the existing Patriot air defense systems, Scholz said: “We need to know that we have a neighbor who is ready to use force to enforce his interests.”

According to Sunday Bild, the air defense systems of Germany was also one of the topics discussed at a recent meeting between Scholz and the head of the German armed forces, Eberhard Zorn.

The report claims that they talked about the possible acquisition of the Israeli “Arrow 3” system, the German newspaper stated.

However, the German Ministry of Defense and Israel has not commented on this news.

In addition, Andreas Schwarz, a German lawmaker, told Bild that Germany “needs to be better protected from the Russian threat.” That’s why we need a missile defense shield all over Germany quickly, “he said, adding that” the Israeli Arrow 3 system is a good solution.

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