Greek show of force in the Aegean


Stress prevails on Turkey’s social media and newspapers, which were already shocked today by the defense agreement suddenly signed between Greece and France and the Belharra frigates purchase by Greece, as later in the day the Greek Submarine “Papanikolis” got on their nerves.

Specifically, the Greek type 214 submarine “PAPANIKOLIS” emerged in Kastelorizo, with the Chief of the Hellenic Armed Forces Konstantinos Floros making fun of the Turks by saying:

“The SUBMARINE PAPANIKOLIS emerged imposingly outside the port of Megisti in Kastelorizo, creating in the residents of our acritic island the sense of absolute security, “facilitating” even so the agonizing effort of those who try to locate it. Our submarines remain the “Unseen” tireless guards of the Aegean, with their periscopes watching everything!!!”.

The Turkish media recorded the event by writing that the submarine directly challenges Turkey and passed under its nose at 3 nautical miles from the coasts of Asia Minor.

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