Greek Minister of Defense: Decision to buy 3 Belharra frigates is final


The Greek Ministry of National Defense puts an end to the scenarios regarding the future frigates of the Navy, after the confusion caused in the Greek and international press by the delayed publication of State Department approval of the possible sale of US frigates (MMSC) for the Greek navy saying that Belharra frigates are the winner of the frigate competition and that cannot change.

“The Ministry of National Defense announces that the decision of the Greek Government to proceed with the supply of three French frigates “Belharra” is final.


All procedures have been launched so that the negotiations can be completed soon. “In the immediate future, the Contracts will be brought before the competent bodies of the Parliament for a vote,” the ministry announced.

The French Ministry of Defense as well today denied the rumors about the cancellation of the French frigates, pointing out that the contract for Belharra has been signed between Greece and France and was initialed a few days ago.

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