“IT IS THE WILL OF ALLAH” – Erdogan for the fall of the Turkish Lira & Social Media

On Saturday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan described social media as one of the most serious threats to democracy.

Erdogan’s government intends to pass legislation to make fake news and misinformation online a criminal offense, but critics say the changes it intends to make will further restrict freedom of expression.

Turkish President Erdogan Photo by G20 Argentina
Turkish President Erdogan Photo by G20 Argentina

“Social media, which was described as a symbol of freedom when it first appeared, has become one of the main sources of threat to democracy today,” Erdogan said.

“We try to protect our people, especially the vulnerable sections of our society, from lies and misinformation without violating the right of our citizens to receive accurate and impartial information,” he added.

Still, the Turkish president yesterday tried to justify himself for economic situation of his country, attributing the financial crisis of Turkey to Allah.

“We Muslims see life as a test. God has said in the Qur’an, “I will put you to the test with a little hunger, with deprivation of goods. Give the joyful news to those who are patient “. “That’s what he defines,” Erdogan said.

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