Greek Defense Minister: “Greece will not send “Leopard” 2A6 tanks to Ukraine”

The Greek Defense Minister, Nikos Panagiotopoulos, yesterday during his speech in the Greek Parliament, answered related questions, some of which had to do with the shipment of defense equipment to Ukraine and clarified which systems of the Hellenic Armed Forces will be given and which will not, clarifying about the Leopard 2, BMP and S-300.

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More Specifically, in parts of his speech, the Greek Minister stated:

“Greece will not send “Leopard” 2A6 to Ukraine. He has sent some BMPs, he has to send some more. He has sent ammunition of various calibers. If we have possibilities from the surplus we will help, because from the first moment we have said that we support every struggle against every revisionism. And I wonder if this is for the benefit or against the national positions, I am probably fully aware that it is in favor of the national positions in any form of revisionism, of course also that of Putin in Ukraine, but not only him, we are against it. If someone else has a problem, come out and say that we should not be against the first or second revisionism, but to relativize it a bit. It is an absolute position and it is an absolutely beneficial national position.

Now, from there and tomorrow the Ukrainian Minister of Defense is coming to visit. I imagine there will be a lot of discussion, a lot of speculation, a lot of analysis about what he is coming to ask for, aman, we will give aircrafts, we will also give the S-300s, we will give one, we will give the other, the rumors will run rampant. Our position is from the first moment clear and unambiguous.

We give what we can give, we don’t give anything that would weaken in the slightest our own defense capabilities given our own national security challenges. And if things go somewhere better, as far as the bilateral relationship with Turkey is concerned, nevertheless our planning in this regard is fixed and given and does not change.

Now, from then on we are willing to help wherever and however we can, but that’s it.
With these clear conditions, yesterday I had the opportunity to repeat it again for the umpteenth time to a delegation from the American Senate, who now visit our country very often, and that’s where we are,” the Greek Minister said in parts of his statements.

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