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Kilo Class Russian Submarine MOD  scaled
The Algerian Ministry of Defense denies the hunting of an Israeli submarine
The Algerian Minister of National Defense denied the information reported by several international media, according to which Algerian Navy submarines located and chased an Israeli submarine.Based on our research on GEOPOLITIKI.COM, the reports were initially started by Iranian media and state that an Israeli submarine, which was located near the national territorial waters of…
Greek show of force in the Aegean
Stress prevails on Turkey's social media and newspapers, which were already shocked today by the defense agreement suddenly signed between Greece and France and the Belharra frigates purchase by Greece, as later in the day the Greek Submarine "Papanikolis" got on their nerves.Specifically, the Greek type 214 submarine "PAPANIKOLIS" emerged in Kastelorizo, with the…
INDONESIA – Dramatic developments with the missing submarine: They have oxygen for another 72 hours
Indonesia continues to search for the missing KRI Nanggala-402 submarine that disappeared with 53 crew members off the coast of Bali, and other nations are sending ships to assist in the search.The sailors on the Indonesian submarine have enough oxygen to last until Saturday, the Head of the Indonesian Armed Forces said on Thursday.In a major development, a naval…