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Hagia Sophia: Damage to the Imperial Gate – Greece protested


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Damage to the Hagia Sophia imperial gate was most likely caused by Turks, with the Greek Foreign Ministry reacting strongly and condemning the act.

Hagia Sophia: Damage to the Imperial Gate - Greece protested

More Specifically, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece announced that: “The images of the vandalism of the Hagia Sophia Imperial Gate in Constantinople, a World Heritage Site, cause us disgust and sadness.

Ζημιές στην Αυτοκρατορική πύλη της Αγίας Σοφίας - NEMESISHD.GR

We call on the competent authorities to do their due diligence so that those responsible are brought to justice, as well as to immediately repair the damage to the Monument “, concludes the announcement of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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