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Hamas and Israel are preparing for a new round of conflicts


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According to statements by the Israeli military on Wednesday, Hamas has managed to regain some of its forces that were lost during the recent conflict in Gaza that took place a year ago.

The Israeli military has released aerial photos and maps that hide or show tunnels, weapons factories and weapons storage facilities. The locations shown include buildings near al-Azhar University in Gaza City, a factory, Mosques, United Nations buildings and hospitals in other areas of Gaza.

Hazem Qassem, a spokesman for Hamas, called the Israeli army’s accusations “unreal and lies”.

Hamas and Israel are preparing for a new round of conflicts
PHOTO: Israel Defense Forces CC BY-NC 2.0

After touring the Gaza Division (part of the Israeli military) on Wednesday, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz made the following statement:

“Hamas is shooting through the civilian population and into the civilian population – the world must condemn Hamas for its crimes.

“Today, the Israel Defense Forces revealed to the world examples of the depth of Hamas’ use of the civilian population,” Gantz said.

“Hamas chooses to put these people in the front line of fire. The crimes committed by Hamas must be known to the entire world and therefore a heavy price must be paid,” said the Israeli Defense Minister.

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