National Recap: Greece and Saudi Arabia shake hands with an eye to the future


Of historical importance is the visit of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud to Greece, as the country’s foreign policy bet seems to pay off.

What is this bet?

Greece’s cooperation both with the Arab world and with Israel means the return to a geopolitical reality where Greece is a beacon of peace and stability as well as a negotiating force with its neighbors.

Greece, when Saudi Arabia needed it, was one of the few countries that rushed to help the country by sending PATRIOT anti-aircraft systems to protect critical infrastructure.

Saudi Arabia reciprocated this assistance and the Crown Prince even said characteristically during his conversation with the Greek Prime Minister: “So I promise you that when I come to Greece, I will not come empty-handed. We have many subjects that will change the facts for both our countries, but also for the entire region” said the Crown Prince and we all realize that the agreements signed are most likely only the beginning.


National Recap: Greece and Saudi Arabia shake hands with an eye to the future

Greece signed 16 agreements concerning energy, the economy and the environment as well as defense technology which is the part we will focus on.

Saudi Arabia may be Greece’s solution to the UAV problem and a range of ground army modernization issues.

Saudi Arabia aims to produce both domestic UAVs and vehicles in cooperation with the United Arab Emirates, whose capabilities recently inspected during his visit the Chief of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff, Gen. Konstantinos Floros, with Arab sources noting that he was impressed by what was presented.

Greece and Saudi Arabia could well be together with the UAE in joint projects with the method of co-production.

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