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India to buy 24 used Mirage-2000s from France


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According to an article in HindustanTimes, the Indian Air Force (IAF) will acquire 24 used French Mirage 2000 fighter jets. This move by India could seem strange as India has already started the process of buying RAFALE jet fighters with some of them already landing in India and slowly forming their air squadrons.

However, India, with about 50 MIRAGE 2000 active in its air force, is trying to boost its air force with the supply of 24 aircraft that could be a “lifesaver” as 11 of the 24 will be used as spare parts.

The IAF, or Indian Air Force, will spend about 27 million euros to buy the fighter jets, of which only eight of the 24 are operational and ready for flight, Indian officials told HindustanTimes on condition of anonymity.

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