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Italian FH70 Howitzers gifted to Ukraine are already firing against Russians


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An unspecified number of the Italian FH70 155mm howitzers were recently donated by Italy to the Ukrainian Army.

These howitzers are already being used by the Ukrainian Army to fight against the Russian forces that are invading Ukraine.

Italian FH70 Howitzers gifted to Ukraine are already firing against Russians - GEOPOLITIKI
PHOTO By Hugh Llewelyn – FH 70 155mm gunUploaded by Oxyman, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Ukrainian Ministry of Defense confirmed the use of Italian FH70 in a statement which state:

“Trailed self-propelled howitzers FH70 155 mm caliber are already destroying the enemy on the front line. Thanks to the semi-automatic projectile loader, a trained crew can fire up to 6 shots per minute, almost every 10 seconds.

The FH70 has its own 1,700 cc Volkswagen engine, which feeds the hydraulics of the gun when it is put into combat condition or rolled up. In addition, this engine allows the FH70 to move independently, without a tractor, for a range of up to 20 km at low speed. That is, the FH70 is a trailed, but still self-moving howitzer.” the Ukrainian MoD stated.

The 155 mm howitzer FH-70 is the result of a trinational program that involved Germany, the United Kingdom, and Italy. These three countries worked together to develop the weapon in order to replace the 155mm howitzer M114.

The 155 FH-70 is a towed artillery howitzer that is suitable for providing both direct and general fire support to allied forces.

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