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Kremlin stated “Poland could be a threat to Russia”

"Poland could be a threat to Russia" Kremlin stated

After Israel’s announcement that during his conversation with Naftali Bennett, Putin apologized for Lavrov’s recent statements, the Kremlin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov refused to confirm the Russian President’s apology.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, Peskov declined to confirm or deny that Vladimir Putin, in a conversation with the Israeli prime minister on Thursday, apologized for the Russian foreign minister’s statement that Hitler was of Jewish descent.

"Poland could be a threat to Russia" Kremlin stated
Photo by, CC BY 4.0

Answering a journalist’s question, he also referred to the celebration of Victory Day saying that he did not know if there would be a parade in Mariupol this year.

In addition, on the occasion of a statement by a Polish minister that “Poland is proud to be on Putin’s list of unfriendly countries”, the Kremlin spokesman said that Warsaw could be a “source of threat” to Russia.

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