EXERCISE MEDUSA 11: PASSEX & ADEX exercise between Greece, Egypt, Cyprus & UAE

According to a statement recently made by Hellenic National Defense General Staff, on Saturday during joint exercise “MEDUSA 11”, in the sea area southeast of the Greek island of Crete a PASSEX & ADEX training exercise was conducted with Forces of Egypt, Greece, the United Arab Emirates, and Cyprus.

More specifically, Greece participated with the Frigate SALAMIS, the Gunboat Polemistis, Fast Missile Patrol Boat BLESSAS, and a helicopter of the Hellenic Navy Air Force Command.

Photos by (ΓΕΕΘΑ) Geetha.mil.gr

From Egypt, the Frigate ENS Bernese, the amphibious assault ship Gamal Abdel Nasser, the Corvette PORT SAID, the fast attack crafts ENS FOUAD ZEKRY and ABU BAKR ALSEDDEQ

From Cyprus the offshore patrol vessel IOANNIDIS.

The PASSEX exercise between the 3 navies included the exchange of tactical images, communications, advanced maneuvers, and hydrocarbon mining platform protection exercises.

The Air Force was also called in the exercise…

During the joint training, Air Defense Exercises (ADEX) were performed with the participation of four fighter jets, 2 from Greece and 2 from the United Arab Emirates.

Photos by (ΓΕΕΘΑ) Geetha.mil.gr

This joint training contributed to the promotion of the level of operational readiness, combat capability, and cooperation of the participating forces, as well as to their optimal preparation for exercise “MEDUSA 11”.

GEOPOLITIKI.COM With information from geetha.mil.gr

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