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Friday, May 20, 2022

“MR. BIDEN, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?” – Aksener versus Erdogan

Turkey is constantly losing because of this ignorance of the government. We lose in every area. This is what happened with the announcement of Joe Biden on April 24. The so-called Biden Holocaust Declaration for the Armenians has profoundly damaged our nation.

“The eyes and ears of our citizens turned to Mr. Erdogan.” said the leader of the good party Meral Aksener speaking at the meeting of the parliamentary group in the Turkish Parliament.

“We have seen that the so-called world leader who was proud to send messages to the deranged has left and been replaced by the decent, sweet, very minnow Mr. Erdogan. When that happened, Mr. Erdogan had to go out and say, “Mr. Biden, who the hell are you?”

“Mr. Erdogan, the rostrum boy, can not send Biden the message that Inonu, whom he hated, sent to President Johnson. He cannot show the wisdom of the late Ecevit, whom he did not like, towards Biden.

He can not even overcome the upright stance of Demirel who placed the Turkish flag at the Incirlik base.

The new Turkey that Mr. Erdogan is trying to sell us is a defeated Turkey. In foreign policy, Turkey is the loser. We will not allow that. ” she added.

“Admit your incompetence, apologize and lead the country to elections. Either leave the comfort of your palace and do your job, or let the nation give us the power, and we will do what is necessary,” Aksener said.

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